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Midwives (LMC)

Here at Clutha Health First we believe pregnancy and childbirth are normal every day life events, and are delighted to be able to offer Midwifery Care (Lead Maternity Care).

Charlie, Christine, Megan and Sheryl, our local Midwives, will provide the majority of your care, from your first initial booking, until 6 weeks after your baby's birth. One of these Midwives will be with you during your labour and birth.  We offer care for women birthing at Clutha Health First, Queen Mary in Dunedin or those families that choose to home birth. When you require secondary care, Clutha Health First encourages you to return to us from Queen Mary, within 12 hours of a vaginal birth or 24 hous after a Caesarean birth.

While continuity of care is our aim, holidays and sickness may interrupt this ideal. In the situation your care will be provided by a locum Midwife. From time to time we may have a Midwifery student working with us. Your consent will be sought to have a student involved in your care.

As your Midwives, we aim to establish a partnership with you and your family, where your unique values and beliefs are respected. We provide you with individualised advice and information so that you can make informed decisions during your pregnancy, labour and birth and postnatal period. We would encourage you to undertake your own research. Antenatal classes will be able to assist you with this process.

Midwives are available for emergency/labour care 24 hours a day, but we would appreciate routine concerns to be contained to week days between 9 am - 4 pm. Midwives can be contacted via a mobile or pager system. Our contact numbers are below.

The pattern of antenatal visits is usually monthly until 28 weeks, fortnightly until 36 weeks, then weekly until birth.

In the event of complications, Midwives co-ordinate your care with obstetricians at Queen Mary Maternity Centre in Dunedin Hospital. A specialist also visits once a month in Balclutha. If early bleeding occurs, you may be referred to the early pregnancy clinic, also at Dunedin Hospital. Ultrasound scans are usually held in Balclutha, but sometimes need to be performed in Dunedin.

Following birth, if you and your baby are well, we would expect you to go home on the 3rd - 5th day. The length of stay depends on how you and your baby are doing. A midwife will see you daily in hospital and visit you at home following discharge, until 6 weeks after the birth of your baby.

We look forward to sharing this child birth experience with you and your family. Please feel free to discuss any concerns or questions with us.

  • Christine Hayward: 027 201 8076
  • Charlie Ferris 027 201 8022 
  • Sheryl Smith: 027 201 8137
  • Megan Pigou: 027 201 8131

Midwives 2018

Back Row L- R: Megan Pigou and Sheryl Smith 
Front Row L-R: Charlie Ferris and Christine Hayward